Snack time, little appetizers! But which one of you morsels should I taste first?
~ Hooktail

Hooktail is the first chapter boss of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She is an enormous red dragon who terrorizes the village of Petalburg just for her own entertainment.

In Battle

Hooktail's HP is 20, her attack power is 5, and her defense is 1. Once she ate a cricket and got food poisoning off it, causing her to have an extreme hatred of crickets, and feel woozy every time hearing a cricket chirp.


She is one of the Shadow Queen's three pet dragons. She has two older brothers named Gloomtail and Bonetail. Of the three dragons, she is the only one who has a castle. 

Hooktail enjoys eating Koopas. She killed Professor Kolorado's father and ate Koops's father, Koopley (though he survived). Mario must find a badge that sounds like a cricket (a frog in the japanese version) to make the battle easier. Her attacks include stomping and breathing fire. With Mario's attacks sounding like a cricket, her attack power goes down, and her defense drops to zero. When her HP reaches zero, she will try to trick him by offering him a huge amount of coins and a super rare badge. She will also disgustingly offer to let him smell the bottoms of her feet. If Mario accepts, she will either bite him or stomp him. After this, she will eat the audience, regaining her HP.

Before the end of the chapter, Hooktail laments over her untimely death and the meals she will never eat and collapse on her back with a huge crash and soon cough up Koopley and the Crystal Star, spending the rest of the cutscene twitching in pain in the background. However, Hooktail is only knocked out instead of killed, as returning to her room reveals that she left the castle (perhaps out of shame to losing against Mario).

When confronting Gloomtail, he mistakenly assumes that Mario has "destroyed" his precious younger sister, wondering why she hasn't written recently, when in actuality she is alive and her whereabouts unknown.

Other appearances

Hooktail also appeared in Super Mario-Kun issue #32 of the series, the Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door issue. In it, she attacks Mario, Goombella, and Koops. As this manga is based on the original Japanese game, she gets weak by a frog's croak rather than a cricket's chirp.

Hooktail also appears as a sticker in Super Smash Bros Brawl, which increases resistance to fire-based attacks.


  • It is implied in Chapter 1 that Hooktail is a male dragon, given that most Koopas refer to her as "him" or "he". However, when Mario fights Gloomtail, he refers to Hooktail as his precious younger sister.
  • Her name might come from Valoo, a dragon from Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, who looks similar to him, and whose tail looks similar to a hook.
  • Hooktail is one of four enemies who eats or absorbs the audience members. The other three are Cortez (who eats their souls to replenish his HP), Lord Crump's robot Magnus Von Grapple (who sucks them in and uses them for ammunition), and the Shadow Queen (who absorbs them to heal all her HP).


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Hooktail Battle Theme

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Paper Mario- The Thousand Year Door - First Boss Battle- Hooktail