Hooguro (in Japanese: ホオグロ, Hōguro) is a minor character from Tokyo Ghoul:re. He is a ghoul who's a member of the Aogiri Tree and is a subordinate of Naki as part of the White Suits gang.


Hooguro is a slim young man with white light colored hair down to chin level that covers his left eye. He wears makeup on his right eye and his attiter consits of a white suit and pants like all white suits members and zebra-pattern scarf. His mask is white with large black dots on it.

Hooguro is an opportunistic man as he will often take advantage of people whenever he can. This is seen with Karren von Rosewald once she had hired him and other Aogiri members and he took the job offer so that he could make money because she's a member of the Tsukiyama Family and she is rich.


Rosewald Investigation

Hooguro firs appears where he and other White Suits and Aogiri Members are seen being hired by Karren von Rosewald for a special task she wants them to do. He gets hired to take out the Quinx Squad and he's seen attacking them with his fellow white suits when two of the members get overpowered by Haise Sasaki and they're all forced to retreat. He's later seen back at the Aogiri Base with Shousei where they're told by their boss Naki that the Dr. Akihiro Kanou is planing to "revive" his late bodyguards, Gagi & Guge.

Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation

Hooguro appears right at the end of the arc. He's seen with an army of Aogiri Members and takes part in an operation where they attack a CCG Transport carrying the bodies of all the deceased investigators that were killed during the operation and he participates to steal Ginshi Shirazu's corpse.

Powers and Abilities

Not much is known about his powers other than that he has a Rinkaku Kagune and that he has an A+ Rating by the CCG as adressed by Sasaki.