Hoof and Mouth are the tertiary antagonists of Darkwing Duck: Darkly Dawns the Duck. They are Taurus Bulba's two henchmen-a ram and a donkey. They are not terribly intelligent and are quite clumsy and act as the comic relief. Their combined names make a pun on hoof and mouth disease. It is implied they killed Professor Waddlemeyer, against Bulba's orders. The two helped Hammerhead Hannigan steal the Waddlemeyer Ram Rod, and later participated in the two attempts to kidnap Gosalyn Waddlemeyer. They floated away after being zapped by the Ramrod's anti-gravity beam, and have not been seen since-although Hannigan makes a appearence In Like Blunt.


  • Darkly Dawns the Duck (Part 1)
  • Darkly Dawns the Duck (Part 2)
  • In Like Blunt (cameo)


  • Which one is Hoof and which one is Mouth is never specified, although it is sometimes agreed upon that Hoof is the silent donkey and Mouth is the ram voiced by Eddie Deezen.
  • Although Hoof never speaks in either part of Darkly Dawns the Duck, he is given lines in the Disney Comics adaptation.