Honoka Sakurai is a character in the manga Suzuka she starts out as a sweet, kind, shy and generous girl who had feelings for the main character Yamato Akitsuki for years even began to date him after Suzuka Asahina rejects him however Yamato was clueless and awkward around women, plus Honoka's own insecurities did not help matters, the relationship sadly ended after an indiscretion (which Yamato admitted to himself) on Honoka's birthday they broke up.

Honoka tells her best friend a popular singing idol Nana Shirakawa she will ask Yamato out when she gains more confidence. When Yamato and Suzuka begin dating she quits being manager of the track team and takes up Nana's offer of modelling thus Honoka was reccomended by Nana.

However when Yamato meets her again she is much more confident however the changes to her are not made clear until chapters 123 and 124 of the manga. In chapter 123, Honoka bombs Yamato with questions about their relationship and then asks if they should be a couple again but plays off it off as a joke (Honoka arrogantly believed Yamato would jump at the chance to be together and just scream 'Yes!') with a "Ha! Ha! You fell for that!".

Yamato responded by telling Honoka she was a very important person to him but her earlier behavior left him nervous and confused which caused him to hesitate asking if its a joke. Honoka took this badly and made no effort at all to think about Yamato's feelings or try to see from his point of view.

Honoka meets Yamato again in a restaurant telling him she has been dating a co worker who asked her out and she she has decided in order to be 'fair' to her new boyfriend they shouldn't hang out together anymore in a callous and heartless fashion.

  1. Honoka was not being fair to anyone at all considering her failure to take into consideration Yamato's feelings or whether he was nervous plus she ignored how he said she was a very important person to him.
  2. Also Honoka was not thinking of Nana who reccomended her for modelling almost all modelling agencies (save Cosplay or the much smaller ones) have policies of 'No dating in the work place' because of the contreversy of sex for work which caused these policies to exist. It is one major plot hole that Honoka did not experience any severe consequences for this. Given the level of Nana's fame and her apparent (and a lot would say unrealistic) quick rise, the likelihood of Honoka being taken on by one of the smaller agencies is almost nothing. Also the photo shoot in Volume 14 of the manga was an on location which is more evidence that she is with one of the larger agencies given how expensive on location photo shoots tend to be in Japan, because of tax laws.
  3. Also in the follow up manga Kimi Iru No Mach (Town Where You Live) Honoka is mentioned talking of her love situation with Yamato which should have had severe repercussions for her career, in the very least costing her a large amount of fans. Also this was another thing that really would have reflected badly on Nana too.
  4. There are those who are puzzled at how what Nana did for Honoka did not affect Nana's own career or image as how it would have looked bad for Nana, as it would at least appear that she was using her fame to do favors for friends. It's also highly unlikely that Nana would be so stupid as to publically call Honoka her one true friend who treats, as it would have severely hurt her reputation and her career and also would have led to a huge backlash for her.