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Honker Stomper (Noseman in Japan) is a Demon Beast ordered from Nightmare Enterprises by Dedede in the Kirby: Right Back At Ya! episode The Thing About The Ring, an episode that was originally banned in America, the reason being Honker Stomper's disgusting appearance and his ability to inhale similar to Kirby, but the episode was eventually aired.

King Dedede ordered him because he wanted to find Lady Like and Sir Ebrum's wedding ring (which he thought to be a Cappy Town cultural artifact). Honker Stomper is a Demon Beast that has the ability to sniff out jewels. Dedede orders him to go find the ring from Cappy Town, but when he returned, Dedede was angry because there where so many jewels that he could not find the wedding ring, so he orders Escargoon to find it. Just then, Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby arrive in Dedede's throne room and order him to return the jewels, but Dedede orders Honker Stomper to inhale again. Because both Kirby and Honker Stomper's inhaling power is so strong, it turns into an "inhale-o-war" between the nosy (quite literally) Demon Beast and Kirby. But Tuff then throws a shaker of pepper, which gets into Honker Stomper´s breath, and he sneezes out all of the jewels. King Dedede, in a fit of rage, hits Honker Stomper with his hammer, sending him flying out of the window, destroying him.

Physical appereance

Honker Stomper looks like a walking gray nose who wears a purple detective cap. He has sunken in eyes.


  • Honker Stomper is one of the few Demon Beasts that can talk in the original Japanese version of the show, but he can say nothing but "I'm Noseman!"
  • But in the dub, 4Kids replaced his speaking with pig-like snorts for unknown reasons.
  • He is one of the few Demon Beasts in the show that do not explode when destroyed (some of the others include Tornadon, Ice Dragon, Flame Feeder, and Whippy.

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