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Main antagonist and final boss of arcade game Big Bang Busters developed and released by Visco in 2000. Honey is rabbit mastermind which aims to take over the galaxy, since the planet Palua. His army is strange creatures in different stages (north pole: like snowmans,walruses, penguins and even santa clauses or krampuses.Egypt: springy men, stone scorpions, mummу (who have gone too far with bandages and can only jump) spinxes, ghosts and egypt priessteses.Jungle: snakes, ostriches on the ball, colibri (or a bird with its wings fast), and monkeys (orangutans). Castle: strange ghosts with big lips, maids, vampires and bats.Waterfall: green colibri (with the manner of fliyng corkscrew), crabs, water nimph and cloud sages (old mans on the clouds), Under Sea: yellow crabs, strange creaturs like amoeba, catfish and octopus. Lair in mountain: aliens with spears, litle grey humanoids, aliens like fists, green men in saucers (like the ballerinas) and it seems the most important mininons (as the are in each stage) slugs, strange creatures similar to mucus, can be coveted into lump. But that is not all. He also has a mini-bosses henchmen, which are also catalysts for creating enemies. It Snowman robot, pharaoh head, tiki mask, devil mirror, strange vases and really strange (ssory for reapiting word strange) heads with a pipes, creating grey men. And have a bosses, represent giant machine which controls the furry animals and is capable of inflating its target like a baloon. The last ally of Honey, its a flying saucer, which takes a hero, if he does not clean the level of the enemy. (Its a like baron von blubba from bubble bobble)

Honey itself


In fact, Honey is a space octopus with delusions of collecting furry beasts and who just disguised as a rabbit and each time teasing the characters trying to convince them that they can not cope (. But in the end he deflate and will be placed in its own container.

Honey revealed
Honey in own container


Honey had only two attacks

1:Hero inflating like a balloon using tentacles

2:Throwing rabbits


During the dialogue with the heroes Honey breathes like Darth Vader.

Honey (true form)-0