An incomplete "fetus" Homunculus

Homunculus in Haunting Ground refers to a human or humanoid created through alchemy. Lorenzo Belli created several incomplete homunculi (which now run amok in Belli Castle) until the homunculus and "perfect woman", known as Daniella. Lorenzo's clone/son, Riccardo, tried to create life through alchemy as well, but only succeeded in the birth of Debilitas.

The incomplete homunculi can be found as deformed babies, or grey humanoids with white eyes. The "adults" are completely harmless and will do the same thing continuously (lick the floor, smash its head against the wall, admire art, etc.), unless disturbed by Fiona. Then they will powerfully swat her away. A "baby" will latch onto Fiona's legs and scream, calling the Stalkers and raising Fiona's panic. They must be kicked away or attacked by Hewie.

An incomplete "adult" Homunculus