Homer is a vampire kid vampire and a character in the western film Near Dark.


It is unknown how he became a vamire but it is most likely to have been bitten by Diamondback. He is first seen in the mobile home when Severen is about to kill Caleb (a cowboy bitten by his clanmate Mae), after Mae reveals that he transformed him, he becomes somewhat jealous that Mae has found a companion, mainly because he transformed Mae and taught her how to kill. As the days pass he is seen burning the mobile home after Severen had stolen another vehicle, killing a man sucking his blood after pretending to be dead and bullying Caleb along with Severen. Then they enter a bar and Homer kills a man who was beaten by Caleb previously by shooting him on the back, then the clan proceeds to burn down the bar. Because Caleb had left a boy he was supposed to kill escape, he went to the police and they raided the motel where they were staying causing a dangerous shootout for them because of the daylight but with the help of Caleb (who is almost killed while making it to the vehicle on broad daylight) they manage to escape which causes Homer to stop being hostile at Caleb. He then meets Sarah (Caleb's younger sister) and wants to transform her into his companion, which causes Caleb and the clan to argue, Caleb opens the door and as the sunlight enters Caleb and his family escapes. After Caleb escapes with his dad and sister they start looking for them as the vampires (with the exception of Mae) want to kill him and Homer still wants Sarah to be his companion, Homer manages to kidnap Sarah and tries to bite her, but she escapes from him. He later meets his end when Mae takes Sarah and runs towards Caleb, with Homer running right behind them in order to get Sarah back.

Homer, being a kid, is treated by Diamondback on a loving manner, they have a mother-son like relationship while Severen acts like an older brother towards him. He is childish and somewhat annoying.

Despite his childish personality he is a cold blooded killer and is the second most violent and aggressive clan member only overtopped by Severen but despite his violent manners he is sometimes harassed by his clanmates but it is often because of his immaturity. He also refers to himself as a man trapped on a kid's body. He becomes jealous when he learns that Mae will teach Caleb to hunt and kill because he was the one who taught her and he transformed Sarah as a form of revenge for Caleb taking Mae away from him.