Let's Purify the Universe
~ Homeguard Motto


The Homeguard was an extremist, reactionary organization made up of humans who felt that alien influences on humanity were evil and needed to be rooted out. 

On Babylon 5

Several members of the crew on Babylon 5 sympathized with the Homeguard's ideals, and as such joined the organization. Their first action was the attack on Minbari poet Shaal Mayan, during which they branded her head with a combined symble of Venus and Mars, presumably representing the men and women of Earth. They later attacked Centuari couple who went to visit the recovering Minbari. The Homeguard members behind the attack were eventually found out and arrested by B5 security. 

Homeguard later conspired to assassinate Earth Alliance President Luis Santiago, but the plot was eventually thwarted by Michael Garibaldi and Jeffrey Sinclair. They were never observed perpetrating any major crimes after the assassination attempt, and with the rise of the Clark Administration, Homeguard was effectively absorbed by Nightwatch, Clark's own xenphobic paramilitary group organized by Mini-Pax. However, Clark's agents referred to Homeguard as "a bunch of misfits." In all likelihood this is because Homeguard was more of a "grassroots" organization as opposed to the more clandestine works done by Nightwatch and Clark's other agents.