The Holy Knights of Liones are an order of Holy Knights who protect the kingdom of Liones.

They were originally led by the Great Holy Knight Zaratras until his murder 10 years ago when the Seven Deadly Sins were framed of the crime. He was replaced by Dreyfus, his younger half-brother, and Hendrickson as his successors.

Ten years later, in fear of war with the Sins was unavoidable, the Holy Knights staged a coup d'état on the kindgom by capturing the king and took over as rulers of Liones. They are the major antagonists in the first saga of manga/anime series The Seven Deadly Sins.


  • Great Holy Knights
    • Zaratras (assassinated)
    • Hendrickson (defeated and deceased)
    • Dreyfus (rebelled against Hendrickson and deceased)
  • Holy Knights
    • Dale (deceased)
    • Gannon (deceased)
    • Gilthunder
    • Griamore
    • Guila
    • Gustaf (deceased)
    • Howzer
    • Helbram (deceased)
    • Kaide
    • Marmas (deceased)
    • Vivian
  • Sub-Factions
    • Weird Fangs
      • Friesia (deceased)
      • Golgius
      • Jude (deceased)
      • Ruin (deceased)
    • Dawn Roar
      • Hugo (deceased)
      • Jillian (deceased)
      • Simon
      • Slader
      • Weinheidt (deceased)
    • Pleiades of the Azure Sky
      • Arden
      • Deathpierce
      • Deldry
      • Dogedo (deceased)
      • Waillo
    • Apprentice Holy Knights
  • Old Generation Holy Knights
  • New Generation Holy Knights

Past Edit

3000 Years AgoEdit

  • In the ancient past, Holy Knights of Liones as part of Britannia fought alongside the Fairy Clan, Giant Clan and the Goddess Clan to defeat and seal away the Demon Clan with the Coffin of Eternal Darkness in the old Holy War. Thousands of Holy Knights lost their lives in the ancient war at that time.

10 Years AgoEdit

  • When the Seven Deadly Sins were falsely accused for killing the previous Great Holy Knight, Zaratras, and plotting to overthrow the Kingdom of Liones, the entire order of Liones' Holy Knights were dispatched to kill them all.
  • In the aftermath of ambushing the Seven Deadly Sins in the castle, numerous Holy Knights are slaughtered attempting to kill the Seven Deadly Sins who fought their way out as witnessed by Alioni (young member of Holy Knights) and an elderly knight.



Bartra Liones, the king of Liones, although realizing that a predicted new Holy War would soon occur, ordered all the Holy Knights to lay down their weapons in an effort to avoid war. However, the Holy Knights, believing that the war was inevitable and that protection of the kingdom was their duty, captured the king a few days in a successful coup before Elizabeth found Meliodas(a leader of Seven Deadly Sins), and began military preparations.

The kingdom, now under the command of current Great Holy Knights, Hendrickson and Dreyfus, fell into a state of distress as citizens from towns and villages surrounding the kingdom were involuntarily recruited into joining the military effort: the men forcibly trained as soldiers, the women and children forced to amass food for storage, and the elderly forced to construct castle walls. Death has become the penalty for insubordination under the rule of the Holy Knights, with them justifying their enslaving of the citizens with the fact that the war is being fought for their protection to begin with.

It is revealed that the current Hendrickson plotted to resurrect the long-sealed Demon Clan so there will be a formidable enemy for the Holy Knights to fight and win the Holy War with aid from the new generation of Holy Knights.

During the Sins' infiltration and Arthur Pendragon's surprise visit, the Holy Knights were divided as several members began to question themselves if protecting or oppressing the people is their role and eventually turned against their fellow comrades. The king of Liones was successfully rescued and Dreyfus admitting his crime of murdering Zaratras and defected, Hendrickson triggered a spell that causes the demon blood of the New Generation Holy Knights to run out of control and mutate them into hybrid Demons, thus causing chaos and confusion among the Holy Knights and knights throughout the kingdom's capital.

The Holy Knights immediately fought against the now demonic New Generation throughout the capital in defense of their kingdom but suffer heavy losses among their ranks in multiple skirmishes in the ensuing chaos while some of their comrades and ordinary knights led the civilians to safety while fighting off the Demons attempting to harm them.

However, the Seven Deadly Sins come to their aid in time, pulling out and destroying plant creatures that were the sources of the Demon hybrid knights' transformation from the New Generation's bodies, reverting the rampaging knights back to normal.

Recovering from the crisis, the Holy Knights around the capital rallied and surrounded Merlin's old castle, the same way they did before ten years ago but this time in a twist of fate, they now aid the Seven Deadly Sins against their true enemy: Hendrickson. The Holy Knights along with Seven Deadly Sins battled their former superior only to face his terrifying demonic powers and suffered heavy casualties among their ranks and were instantly defeated despite great powers the Holy Knights all possess.

However, Elizabeth Liones awakened her powers that healed all of the Holy Knights and the Sins back to full health, as well as temporarily pushing back Hendrickson. The Holy Knights and the Sins were given and carried out the plan by Gowther to attack both Meliodas and Hendrickson at the same time with everything they got long enough for Meliodas to build up his ultimate technique and finally defeat Hendrickson.

After the former Great Holy Knight's defeat and death, the Holy Knights quickly bend their knees in shame in front of their king, who recently recovered thanks to Merlin, for their atrocities they committed upon the kingdom they swore to protect and blindly following Hendrickson in his plot to revive the Demon Clan all in the name of the Holy War and demanded heavy punishment for their sins but the king forgave them and told the Holy Knights to help restore the kingdom back to the way it was before and dedicate their efforts to prevent the same mistake again in order to avert the Holy War.


  • The practice of the current Holy Knights ingesting demon blood in order to enhance their powers is very similar to the Grey Wardens drinking Darkspawn blood in the RPG series Dragon Age.