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Holo-Pearl is a holographic projection of Pearl who serves as the main antagonist of the Steven Universe episode, Sworn to the Sword.

"Sworn to the Sword"


After the Crystal Gems watch a Japanese action movie called Lonely Blade IV, Pearl remarks that the swordplay in it is unrealistic. Steven then asks Pearl to teach him sword fighting, to which Pearl agrees. At an ancient temple, Pearl summons Holo-Pearl to duel her. Pearl wins the battle. Pearl battles Holo-Pearl again, only to have Steven to asks her to show him the Boomerang Blade. Pearl replies and rambles about proper sword fighting, but as she turns to Steven, she gets stabbed in the back by Holo-Pearl, exploding and retreating to her gemstone. Steven grieves at Pearl's "demise" until Garnet and Amethyst tell him that it's nothing to worry about as Pearl will eventually regenerate soon. However, Holo-Pearl is still around. Two weeks later, Pearl still hasn't regenerated, so Steven tries to hang out with her hologram, but it's only interested in combat practice. Amethyst and Garnet try to pursuade Steven to stop hanging out with Holo-Pearl, but fail. Steven then takes the hologram to Pearl's favorite tree, but when Steven says "Don't hold back", it interprets the phrase as a challenge and cuts down the tree. Steven heads back to the temple to avoid Holo-Pearl. When Steven plans to watch Lonely Blade V, the sequel to Lonely Blade IV, Holo-Pearl destroys his TV. Steven gets angry at it, which allows it to attack Steven. Steven throws various objects at Holo-Pearl. One of them manages to hit Holo-Pearl, only to have her enter advanced mode. It tries to kill Steven, destroying the various objects he tries to defend himself with. He then throws a mop like the Boomerang Blade at Holo-Pearl, implailing it and killing Holo-Pearl.

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