A bud that will never blossom, a sad truth. Goodnight my sweet 7th.
~ Holly Summers to Travis Touchdown

Holly Summers is a fictional character in the video game, No More Heroes. She is a Swedish assassin and model. She is ranked sixth in the UAA.


Her weapon is her prosthetic left leg which is equipped with a missile launcher. In addition, she also carries a shovel which she uses to dig trenches, pitfalling Travis Touchdown during their ranking match, and attempting to bombard him with grenades before he could climb to the surface.

Travis, because of his almost chivalrous attitude towards women, is unable to kill Summers after defeating her. However, after informing Travis that assassins must die when they are defeated, Summers pulls the pin out of one of her grenades, and places it in her mouth.

Before Travis can stop her, it detonates, causing her head and one of her arms to explode. Travis, feeling guilt over the fact that he dishonored Summers by not killing her, buries her upon the beach where they fought, confessing that "he loves "her" soul," before leaving. It is possible that she had a secret crush on Travis though it is unknown.