Holly O'Neil is a little girl in Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. She appeared as a character who
cheated people, pretending to be bad at something until they competed with her.


She struck a bet with Cody, Maddie, and possibly other people that she would win at a game, and since they believed her to be a bad player, they agreed to the bet. She is known to sell fake cookies to people, and her father faked an injury to recieve special treatment. She is portrayed by Sammi Hanratty, and is probably about six, seven or eight years old.

A while later in "Graduation", she is found attending "Camp Heaven on Earth," with Maddie as a counselor as Amy, Jasmine and Leah were also attending "Camp Heaven on Earth" as they pulled pranks on Maddie and Maddie tries to escape and London tries to rescue her, but Maddie decided to stay as Holly treats her with respect after she dissaembled Maddie's bed. In one episode, she sold London's secrets with the rest of the cabin, having heard Maddie talking to London on the phone.