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Hokuto is the true primary antagonist in Corpse Princess. She's one of the members of The Seven Stars as well as the inspiration to create the Seven Stars.


Hokuto is a female Shikabane that resembles a young woman with a large bust. She's wearing a white and red robe, and has white hair. But the most notable thing about Hokuto is her eyes. Hokuto's right eye is black with a red pupil, and her left eye is red with black pupil.

Corpse Princess

Hokuto's Past

Hokuto is a very special Shikabane. She was born with absolutely no regrets, obsessions or even nature within her. Her death however, makes her one of the most dangerous undead being around. Hokuto was apparently raised just to be a sacrifice, born to be killed as a child. She had never experienced grief, pain, sadness or even happiness. After Hokuto was scarificed, she is reborn as a Shikabane, and as a result killed everyone she laid eyes upon.


Hokuto (Shikabane Hime)

Hokuto with her Contracted Monk, as a Shikabane Hime

Hokuto (Corpse Princess)

Hokuto's Apperance

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