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The Hoix are a race of aliens who can and are willing to eat everything in Doctor Who.

Doctor Who

A Hoix first appears in the episode "Love and Monsters". The Tenth Doctor and Rose chase one in a abandoned building however Rose brings the wrong bucket of water so the Hoix begins to chase them until Rose finds the right one and they chase the Hoix again. All of this is watched by Elton.

In "The Pandorica Opens" a Hoix appears alongside many of the Doctor's enemies such as the Daleks and the Cybermen. They all join forces to lock the Eleventh Doctor in the Pandorica to prevent the TARDIS from exploding.

A picture of one is shown in "The God Complex" as one of them was trapped in the hotel but was killed by the Minotaur.


A Hoix appears in the episode "Exit Wounds". The Hoix makes it to Earth via the rift in Cardiff. Owen found it in a hospital trying to eat the wires. He is able to lure it out into the open using cigarettes then quickly sedates it.