Hoggish Greedly is one of the main villains of the cartoon series, Captain Planet and the Planeteers.


He is of pig-like proportions and lives to devour the Earth's natural resources. His love for overconsumption extends to every aspect of his behavior and is particularly evident in his "sloppy" eating habits.

Greedly goes after precious gems and minerals, noble forests, endangered species - whatever will satiate his enormous appetite for any rare, nonrenewable resource. Wherever he strikes, Greedly leaves waste and destruction in his wake.

Hoggish Greedly's repugnant, hog-like looks are accentuated by his snuffling manner and snorting interjections. Greedly is well aware of his piggish mannerisms. In fact, he delights in using his grossness to frighten and disgust his opponents. His clothes may vary from episode to episode but his preference for a pig motif - whether in clothes, accessories or machinery - remains consistent.


  • His sidekick Rigger usually wears some sort of goofy, long-brimmed baseball cap, suspenders - often hanging at his waist - and straight-legged pants tucked into his boots.
  • He is the least evil character on the show as he was once willing to give up his plan to sell gas-guzzling cars to save his own son who became sick from the fumes.
  • He symolizes greed and overconsumption.
  • In Wheeler's dream during the Captain Planet episode, Numbers Game, Greedly is running a restaurant called Greedly's Gluttonous Gourmet Grub.