Hobart Hume

Hobart Hume III

Hobart Hume III is a minor villain in Shining Time Station. He only appears in the episode "Schemer's Special Club". Hume is the Snobby President owner of the Nickelaire Club. He met Horace Schemer, the kids, Stacy and Billy.

He was portrayed by Colin Fox.


Hobart Hume is snobby, pompous and rich man. He is racist and mysogynistic, as he refused to let Billy into the club due to Billy (whose full name is Billy Twofeathers) being Native American and refused to let Stacy into the club because she is a woman. His grandfather, Hobart Hume the 1st, had likewise refused to let Stacy's grandmother, Gracie, into the Nicklaire Club back in the day-and for the same reason. To Schemer's credit, he refused to join the club when his friends weren't allowed.



  • Hobart Hume is arguably the most serious villain on the show, despite appearing only once. This was probably due to the fact that the Aesop was about racism, as well as Billy calling him a bigot.