Hob from robocop


They say he's got a brain. I wanna see it.
~ Hob during the Nuke cult's assault on RoboCop

Hob is one of the main antagonists in the 1990 sci-fi sequel film RoboCop 2. He is portrayed by Gabriel Damon.

Character Overview

Hob is a very young and powerful member of the Nuke Cult. Despite his age, Hob is a ruthless and violent hoodlum, adept at both hand-to-hand fighting and all firearms, from pistols to 50 cal heavy weapons. As well as his formidable fighting skills, Hob is also an excellent businessman, able to manage and control a sizeable group of people many times his age, and an intelligent thinker. Treat as armed and extremely dangerous. He carries a folding submachine-gun, painted blue to make people think it's a child's lunchbox, and a .44 calibre Desert Eagle.

Whilst he is a ruthless, violent, perhaps even evil ne'er-do-well, positively egging his comrades on as they dismember RoboCop, he still possesses distant elements of humanity, as demonstrated when bumbling Officer Duffy is eviscerated alive by Cain. Hob cannot bring himself to look, and is eventually forced to do so by his mentor.

Death of Hob

After Cain seemingly dies, Hob arranges a meeting with the mayor of Detroit, Marvin Kuzak, and says he will loan him 50 million dollars to pay the city's debt to OCP, if he will pay him back by legalizing nuke. The Mayor takes the deal seriously only when threatend at gunpoint by Hob's men, and decides to accept when shown an armoured truck filled with money and gold. Shortly after RoboCain busts in and swiftly kills everyone who can't escape. Hob makes a break for one of the armoured trucks, but is caught like a rabbit in headlights in Cain's floodlights. An instant before he is to be executed, he is saved by the remnants of his bodyguard and flees into the rear of the truck, but Cain's weaponry penetrates the armour and mortally wounds him.

Hob dies later, after RoboCop stumbles upon his damaged body, lying amongst the bloodied gold and holed banknotes.
Hob death

Hob, dying after being shot up by Cain.