The Hitcher (or Baboo Yagoo - The Green Man Witch) is a fictional character in the T.V show 'The Mighty Boosh.' He has green skin, (which changed through the series), white/blonde long hair and a large polo mint over one of his eyes. He is an old man and has a Cockney accent. He wears a top-hat, a long black coat and a red scarf, and sometimes carries a staff (which turns into an eel occasionally). His history is unknown, as in 'Eels' he states he was an orphan, while in series one he claims that his mother pushed him away on account of his small thumb. He was trapped inside a box for years, which also acted as 'The Zoo For Animal Offenders' He often has two sidekicks, the piper twins with him, but didn't reappear in series 3. In one of the live shows he has a raven on his shoulder named 'Phil'.

He is quite arrogant and often uses intimidation to get his way, often insulting others. He is also an adept musician, being able to play piano and juzz-funk fusion on the bass guitar. He also has a band called 'The Ungrateful Dead', first seen in 'The Future Sailors Tour'. As seen in "Fountain of Youth" he can turn himself into a woman & back to trick Howard.

The Hitcher is evil and threatens to kill the protagonists every time he meets them, the first time in the 'Zoo For Animal Offenders', but gets attacked by a bear, saying 'I aint melted you onion! I'm over here, Wa-hey, you'll never catch me, i'm off!' and fleeing in just his underwear. In series 3, he demands 3,000 euros for protection against 'nut-jobs', after proceeding to wee on Howard's face. He possesses higher than average strength, ripping a piano casing off with little effort. He also is extremely old, being alive in the Victorian era, and teaching Jack the Ripper how to kill people, and eventually killing him and cutting him up into confetti after witnessing him attacking a woman.

In one live show, The Hitcher successfully kills all the main characters, but is eventually defeated and knocked out himself by 'Big Leg' after a sword-fight between himself and Rudi, defeating Rudi after losing advantage and being disarmed, then using the 'Cockney Cock Punch'.

He is played by Noel Fielding.