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Hit-Monkey is a Marvel comics villain and an enemy of Deadpool and Spider-Man.


Hit-Monkey once lived in the mountainous wilderness as part of a clan of other monkeys. Few of the members of this clan took in a fugitive assassin and nursing him back to health with herbal remedies and hot springs. Hit-Monkey disagreed with this because he knew that someone would eventually come looking for the assassin. Once the nameless assassin regained his health, he began to practice some of his skills once more, practicing on snowmen.

Hit-Monkey decided to study the nameless assassin, who had warned him against these evil ways. Hit-Monkey resorted to physical violence against the members of his clan over the continued presence of the assassin and was exiled to walk alone. He happened to come across a group of soldiers in the woods who were looking for the assassin Hit-Monkey attempted to returned to the clan in time. But Hit-Monkey didn't make it in time. Both the assassin and his entire clan were slain and Hit-Monkey sought vengeance, pick up the assassin's pistols and killed every soldiers.

With his home and his tribe gone, Hit-Monkey set out on his journey as "a killer of killers" with a duffle bag full of guns.

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