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Hiruko is the main villainess from Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone/The Sacred Stones. A mysterious fortune-teller, Hiruko appears after Billy and Jimmy, telling them about the world's strongest warrior, which they would be able to fight if they retrieved the Rosetta Stones and took them to Egypt. Seeking to improve their martial arts skills, the brothers follow Hiruko's advice and travel the world to collect the stones.

Once they have all of them, they go to Egypt, where Hiruko leads them into a pyramid, using the stones to open the way to the place. Once they defeat all guardians inside, Hiruko reveals her true colors, as all she wanted was to find Cleopatra's treasure, attacking the brothers so she could get the treasure all for herself. However, she ends defeated and dies before she can get to the inner chamber where the treasure was hidden.

The NES version of the game changes the story a bit, as Marian mysteriously disappears and Hiruko tells the brothers they would be able to find her if they retrieved the stones. In this version she is also the one who killed the brother's friend Brett, instead of the Neo Black Warriors.