Hiroshi Suzuki

Hiroshi Suzuki is the main antagonist of Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury. He is portrayed by Riki Hashimoto.

After murdering Chen Zhen's teacher, he finds out who did this. After hearing Tien, the cook in Jingwu School revealing to the caretaker, that he killed Chen's teacher by poisoning him, Chen kills them both. Suzuki tells a policeman to arrest Chen but avoids them.

Suzuki then reports Chen and sends his henchmen to kill everyone inside at the Jingwu School. Chen enters the dojo unaware of the attack in the Jingwu School, takes out a couple of students and Suzuki's friend, Petrov. Suzuki then runs off and hides, offering an attack at Chen with a sword but misses. When Suzuki jumps at Chen, Chen gives him a high flying kick to his neck, killing Suzuki.