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You owe me... ...20 million. Say it.
~ Hippo owing Ninja 20 million in 7 days before killing Pitbull.

Hippo is a ruthless South African gangster and one of the main antagonists (along with Vincent Moore) of the 2015 Science fiction film Chappie. He was the one who loaned some guns he owns to Ninja for a large price.

He is portrayed by Brandon Auret.


He is first seen when Ninja's gang arrive to make a deal if they borrow his guns, they have to pay him by the time they are finished with them but till then they only have 7 days to pay a debt of 20 million.

Later, Hippo is hanging out with his gang at his house, he sees on the TV that Chappie is doing the heist and he wants him after Michelle Bradley ordered Vincent Moore to attack Chappie.

Hippo and his gang arrive to get his money and also Chappie, but Ninja attacks him and his gang until Vincent arrives in his giant robot to attack both sides, but Hippo still attacks Vincent, he nearly dies from the grenades that Vincent shot in the air.

Hippo tries to destroy the robot one more time then he decided to retreat, he tries to steal Deon's vehicle and shoots Ninja on the leg and Deon right through the chest, but he ends up dead by Ninja hitting him with a spade, ending his life forever and avenging Ninja's old gang member Pitbull. 



  • Hippo is the only villain in the movie who is a gangster.