Hina Urashima is a character from the manga/anime Love Hina and is the grand mother of the main character Keitaro Urashima, though she has no real regard for her own family and cares more for what she wants rather then anyone's well being


Hina Urashima was the daughter of Keisuke Urashima the original owner of Hinata Inn and grew up into the town beauty in which many would stay at the Inn to look at her.

Hina also married at some point and had two daughters one of which would be the mother of Keitaro Urashima however she favored her other daughter Yoko who would marry and have a daughter named Haruka.

Hina would adopt Haruka after her parents died in a car accident. But Hina witnessed the promise between Keitaro and Mutsumi then witnesses Mutsumi switching it with Naru (without Keitaro's knowledge at all).

One day Hina went on her round the world trip (how she can afford it is a matter of conjecture) she invites Keitaro over to Hinata Inn without informing him she turned into an all girls dormitory and then signs over Hinata Inn at some point in the manga to him


Hina has been incorrectly perceived by some as a kind old woman when in actuality this is not true. In reality Hina is a selfish old woman who cares more about what she wants and what she thinks is best for everyone (though often her ideas are very unlikely to be best for everyone at all). Hina is happy to lie and to play with people's lives, without care for the consequences of them especially if it leads to what she wants, even if it is plainly not best for the person and without any remorse or taking responsibility.

Also Hina has no real caring for her own family, and is more obsessed with doing what she wants and took Kanako on her trip so she would not interfere with her plans. Hina only sent Kanako back when she thought she would not make a difference also Hina shows no caring or concern for the abuse Keitaro suffers at Hinata Inn or for the people most of the girls hurt with their behavior.

Also Hina shows more concern for the Hinata Girls then she does her own family and would make excuses for their behavior often weak and/or ridiculous ones.