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The Hillbilly is the hidden main antagonist and one of the three villains alongside Leatherface and Chop Top Sawyer in the Angry Video Game Nerd episode Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He is portrayed by Jimmie Jim Slugg.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Nerd first finds the hillbilly selling various games. The Nerd picks up the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game on the Atari 2600 and asks the hillbilly how much it is. The hillbilly says that it costs 100 dollars. After they keep talking about the game, the hillbilly asks if The Nerd is going to buy it or look at it. The hillbilly tells The Nerd that if he will give 150 dollars, he will give him another game for free.

When Leatherface and Chop Top Sawyer chase The Nerd, He tells the hillbilly that there's someone after him and the hillbilly tells The Nerd to "be calm". Then he says "hey, what's that over there", then the hillbilly whacks The Nerd out cold with his guitar. He then takes The Nerd to his, Leatherface's and Chop Top Sawyer's place, as they force him to play Texas Chainsaw Massacre while he's tied up. After playing the game, The Nerd escapes from them.

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