Hilda Lake

Hilda Lake is the main villainess from Murder 101:  College Can Be Murder.

She was played by Molly Hagan.

Hilda Lake is an English Literature professor looking to receive the tenure that Professor Archer Coe refused to give her, so when she learned about Coe's manuscript, she entered Coe's office and read it; and was amazed at how good it was. Knowing that it would make her famous as well as basically make her the head of the English Literature department, Hilda decided to take the manuscript and publish it as her own, while planning to get Coe out of the way first.

Hilda's evil plan included setting up a fight between Coe and Stuart Evans, which landed Stuart in jail. Later on, Hilda poisoned Coe's orange, knowing that Coe eats an orange habitually during meetings, which he did, resulting in Coe's death. However, Hilda recalled that Coe showed his manuscript to Danya Rosovitch, a student he was having an affair with, so she broke into Danya's locker and her dorm room, thinking that Danya may have made a copy. Hilda also attempted to kill Danya by running over her with her car, but to no avail. When the manuscript was missing from her possession by the film's climax, the evil Hilda appeared at the campus with a knife, again attempting to kill Danya. However, it was a setup by Jonathan Maxwell, and Hilda was caught and apprehended. Hilda was arrested for her crimes.