Hilary King

Hilary King is a character from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He was an expert driver who was recruited by Tommy Vercetti to rob a bank.


Hilary had abandonment issues from his mother as child and had unstable emotions as a result. The Vice City police however believe that Hilary had a normal life.

In 1986, Tommy Vercetti recruited Hilary to be the getaway driver of a bank heist. Hilary agreed but only if Tommy could beat him in a race. Vercetti won the race and Hilary became his getaway driver.

They arrived at the bank and prepared for the robbery. Hilary drove around the block until he was given a signal by Tommy while his partners robbed the bank. After they pulled off the heist, the bank was surrounded by the SWAT team. Hilary arrived late and fired a few shots at the SWAT team but the agents of the SWAT team killed Hilary in the end.