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Hikigane Banki
Hikigane Banki (13, movie): A trigger Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast under Kegalesia, ranked as Gaiark's top sniper. He was sent to return Bukorin, Renn's new friend, to her father Gego. He called Gego 'Boss' and looked up to him. Hikigane was attacking randomly in Tokyo Tower, Gego told him not to attack strangers, but only his enemies. Using his various attacks, like "Water Magnum", Hikigane Banki overpowers the Go-ongers until Renn arrives to defeat him. He is destroyed by Engine-Oh G6, with his only regret not to see the Chunichi Dragons' winning streak one last time.


  • Height: 213 cm to 53.2 m
  • Weight: 263 kg to 657.5 t

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