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Tiger Undead in Hikaru Jō human form

Tiger Undead

Tiger Undead


Tiger Undead Rouze Card

Hikaru Jō is the human form of the Tiger Undead, the Category Queen of Clubs Undead.


Kamen Rider Blade

OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

A Category Queen of Clubs Undead. In Let's Go Kamen Riders' altered timeline, like the other Undead, she follows Kerberus orders', and accompanies him to the meeting with Shocker.


Human Form

While in human form, Jō possesses uncanny speed and strength

Undead Form

Jō has a great pride and fights with dignity. Once learning the Battle Fight is fake, therefore fighting without purpose, she infiltrates BOARD, only to encounter Titan and learn of Hiroshi Tennoji's intent.

She attempted to hurt Nozomi out of rage of the Battle Fight being a fake. She asks Sakuya Tachibana to borrow his Rouze Absorber when she noticed that Mutsuki is in undergoing brainwashed process by Spider Undead, later fighting to have herself intentionally impaled on the Leangle Rouzer and taking the Proper Blank to seal herself.

In Mutsuki's subconscious, she and Noboru Shima encourages him to continue to fight with both light and darkness.

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