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The High Priest of Anubis was one of the central antagonists of the horror-based video-game Waxworks and was one of numerous "evil twins" who plagued the in-game world as part of a complex curse passed down across generations, spanning a period of untold centuries: like all the twins he was power-mad and was one of the eldest, his native time-line being that of Ancient Egypt.
He abused his position as the High Priest and began to worship the darkest aspects of Anubis, namely Death - going as far as kidnapping his "good" brother's wife (who was also a princess) and encasing her in a sarcophagus inside a trap-filled pyramid.
When one of the "good" twins goes back in time to stop the curse he manages to rescue the princess, which prompts the High Priest to appear in person and attempt to kill him with his sword or fist.
Despite his great evil the High Priest doesn't show himself as that talented a fighter and soon dies in the battle.

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