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Did you all just come here to stand around speculatin? If so, there's a quiet cell in the dungeon which has just become vacant... You can speculate all you want in there.
~ Darklaw/The Great Witch.

Hig Inquisitor Darklaw (true name: Eve Belduke) is one of the main antagonists in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. She was the High Inquisitor of Labyrinthia, where she worked to rid the town of witches. She was also the only person normally able to meet directly with the town's "creator", the mysterious Story Teller.



Eve was the daughter of Newton Belduke, and was the childhood friend of Espella Cantabella. After a terrible fire killed the entire population of their town, she was forced to change her name to Darklaw in order to hide the truth about the incident from Cantabella, and aid her friend's father, Arthur Cantabella (the Story Teller), in fabricating a new town called Labyrinthia to seal Espellas memories, as she thought she was responsible for the fire, while actually it was Eve's fault.

When her father committed suicide because of the lie behind the town she wanted revenge against the Storyteller, so she decided to lure Professor Layton to Labytrinthia to reveal the truth about Labyrinthia.


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