Herbert Wyndham (Earth-616)

The High Evolutionary is a morally dubious super-genius from Marvel comics who is primarily an enemy of the X-Men and Spider-Man but has also faced innumerable other heroes and villains as a long-running antagonist, most notable include his role in the Evolutionary War and his status in the Spider-Man Unlimited series. He is considered one of Marvel's more powerful entities, capable of fighting Galactus one-on-one if necessary - he is also an extremely complex individual and thus one of Marvel's more rounded out antagonists, rather than a traditional "evil-doer" or costumed criminal.

Television History

1990s X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons

Herbert Wyndham (Earth-92131)

Spider-Man: Unlimited

The High Evolutionary serves as the general main antagonist and one of the three principal antagonists (alongside Venom and Carnage) in the short-lived cartoon Spider-Man: Unlimited. In this show, the unnamed High Evolutionary became disgusted with how humanity has become war-hungry on Earth and used a spaceship to go to the Counter-Earth, which was always on the other side of the Sun and followed Earth's same orbit. However, upon arrival, he found that humans lived here too and were just like the ones on his own planet. He realized that he would have to build his paradise himself if there were to be peace. He then spent decades creating the Bestials, mutated animals with human features and speech, that would serve as the citizens of the alternate New York City that he built himself. Humans were now living in over-populated slums while the Bestials were the middle-class and upper-class. Machine Men were also built to keep the humans "in check" as police. He also created the four elite Bestials called the Knights of Wundagore to rule alongside him and enforce the law the way the Machine Men do.


When Spider-Man came to Counter-Earth to rescue lost astronaut John Jameson, he learned that he was leading a rebellion against the High Evolutionary. At some point, it is shown that he experimented on himself and gained telekinetic powers to battle his foes. He is also revealed to be the grandfather of rebellion member Karen O'Malley, whom he experimented on and that motivated her to despise him. When the series finale finally came, he captured the rebels and imprisoned them after a terrorist threat upon his own city. He is defeated by Spider-Man and Green Goblin, critically-injured at the end. The symbiote-deprived Eddie Brock (Venom) reveals to Spider-Man that the event called "the Synoptic" will take effect now, thus unleashing billions of symbiotes upon Counter-Earth and killing all life on the planet. This happens in the series' final frames, thus ending the show as a cliffhanger.

Super Hero Squad

High Evolutionary SHS

In this appearance, he is voiced by Jonathan Frakes. In the episode Devil Dinosaur You Say, he recruits Wolverine to help him get rid of the Devil Dinosaur because he believes it is dangerous to let it continue living on his planet. However, he was using Wolverine as a pawn in his plan. He was last seen escaping his burning ship in an escape pod because he knew his ship was going to explode. Wolverine managed to escape by hitching a ride on the Devil Dinosaur. His fate after he escaped was unknown, though it can be assumed he built a new command base after his previous one caught on fire.

Hulk and the Agent of S.M.A.S.H.

High Evolutionary HASH

He appears in the Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. episode Future Shock. The High Evolutionary ruled over humanity when they were transformed into their primitive state from a gamma meteor and turned them into Animal Men. Later the High Evolutionary arrived where he explained to the Agents what happened to Earth. Afterwards, the High Evolutionary trapped them. In the end, the High Evolutionary lost his newfound powers and the Earth returned to its normal form.

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