"This, of course, means I no longer have use for any of you.."

Hi Pan is a super-villain from Champions Online and a higher-up of the Cult of The Red Banner, he plays a major role in the starter storyline involving the gangs of Westside - in which he masterminds a scheme to unite all the gangs of Westside in order o take advantage of the weakening of the Millennium police force.


Hi Pan tries to have the gangs unite with a secret meeting only for Defender and the player-created hero to foil his plan, yet this does not stop Hi Pan - instead he opts for freeing Kevin Poe and several other super-villains under the same promise of a united criminal empire.

However shortly after this Hi Pan's true plans are revealed as he summons the Death Dragon and callously murders the super-villains he had set free, save for Kevin Poe (who fled the scene) - after killing them Hi Pan demands the minions to bow before him and temporarily becomes the criminal ruler of Westside.

Yet Hi Pan's rule was short-lived as the player-controlled hero soon arrives and defeats both Hi Pan and the Death Dragon, ending their threat once and for all.

Fury of The Dragon

"You are too late, foolish heroes - the celestial dragon has already granted my request.. now you shall bare witness to my ascension!"
In the Alert "Fury of The Dragon" Hi Pan takes the power of the mystical Dragon's Eye to gain the favor of a celestial-dragon, which transforms him into a godlike avatar who tries to conquer the universe - however he is defeated by a group of heroes before he can achieve his goal.