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Get that snitch.
~ Hit Hatz
Hit Hatz is the second antagonist of Attack the Block.


He was a local gangster in London. He was asked by both Moses and Ron to keep an alien in his weed room. Later on, Moses accidentally crashes into Hi Hatz's car. Hatz, angered attempts to kill them, but murders an alien that murdered his henchman, the gang then escapes.

They soon get into the Hotel where the gang is and start firing their firearms but miss each shot. The gang escapes once again but one of the alien creatures attacks Hatz and his men and trap them in an elevator, killing the two henchmen violently but Hatz surprisely survives and leaves the blood-covered elevator.

Hatz manages to hold Ron at gunpoint at his flat, and the gang come in only too have the gang gunpoint. Biggz tells him to look behind him since aliens are behind him and ready to attack him. Hatz refuses at first but hears their growls, he turns around and then the gang once again escapes the crazed gangster as the aliens attack him. Hatz finally meets his demise as his jaw is ripped off by them, finally killing him.


Hi Hatz is a gangster who enjoys rap music and even sings his own song called Get that Snitch which he occassionally sings. Hatz also doesn't like anyone who crosses him, no matter how young they are, planning to murder whoever crosses him. He even goes to extreme measures in order to kill whoever crosses him, ignoring the fact there's an alien invasion and killing Moses in his priority instead of survival.


  • "You're my boy now."
  • "Better get the next one, blud."
  • "You wanna merc me, you wanna have a war with me?"

Song "Get that Snitch"

Yo blud man like Hat Hatz

Shout out to my boy, Tonks

It's dub you get me

Fuck around in here if you get fastieey, blud


You don't like me,

I don't give two shits,

Man or man after watching you fool me, 

I'm a grown man bitch not a school kid

Got p's, got gash, got a new whip

And I got more white than the KKK

Pussy hole from the AK Spray,

see you got green,

coz I got grief,

bang it off, shot if off

Strap it out, blud don't take offence see,


Coz they can't arrest me,

There's a snitch, tell the pig where my props are,

give a fuck, fuck, fuck at a Cop's car,

Little festy on the ends when it tell tales,

midnight you'll be swimming with the sea-shells,

And if you super-grass,

y'know that super-grass,

all you hear is, 

super fast

Get that snitch, 

get the strap,

don't give a fuck,


(Hats high, get them with a blow)

If I pull the trigger get bigger doe,

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Let a snitch know

I am so cold blud I shit snow

And I piss Ice,

I wanna live life,

before you step on pathment,

think twice,

Get that snitch,

get the strap, 

don't give a fuck,


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