Hi-Hatz is a major villain in the 2011 British science fiction comedy film Attack the Block. He is a South London youth. A gangster and drug dealer who proclaims himself to be the one to "own", or run, the urban council estate tower block of "Wyndham Tower".

Shortly after giving Moses, the protagonist, an amount of weed to sell for a profit in order to prove himself as capable, Hi-Hatz becomes angered with him when Moses and his gang hit his car with a police van. Unwilling to hear or believe their account of trying to evade alien predators freshly fallen to Earth in what appeared to be a meteor shower, Hi-Hatz is about to shoot them over the damage to his car.

Even once his flunky is attacked and killed by one of the alien creatures, Hi-Hatz remained stubbornly fixated upon killing Moses and his gang not only for the accident but under the impression they had threatened him with, and somehow sicced, the creatures on him and his henchman. The refusal to see the truth of the situation, his insistence on his dominion of the neighborhood not being challenged, and his dogged pursuit of Moses—who was being tracked by the pack of alien beasts—led to Hi-Hatz' death when they were all attacked in one of the block's top floor flats, where he was killed and eaten by several of the aliens.


  • Hi-Hatz is played by local unknown youth actor Jumayn Hunter.
  • The council estate tower block of Wyndham Tower, said to be in the South London district of Brixton, is fictional, with features of at least six council estates from the local are used in the filming.