VK shizuka

"If you're afraid of being alone... Shall I remain with you?"

-Hiô Shizuka

Hiô Shizuka was a antagonist and a pureblood vampire of Vampire Knight,


Hiô Shizuka was calm and collected, often appearing sad, or mourning in some way.

She did however have a very dangerous side. She had grown up in a cage, despite her status as pureblood, because her family had a rumour of going berserk. She fell in love with a man thrown into that cage to serve as her meal, and the two escaped. She turned him into a vampire, but he was put on the executioner's list and killed by the Kiryu hunters. She took her revenge, killing Zero's and Ichiru's parents in front of Zero and then turned him into a vampire. Then she left, taking Ichiru with her. Ichiru, however, knew about the coming massacre and was smiling at his parents' death.

She was somewhat sadistic, as she forced Zero to attack Yûki. At the same time, she taunted him for not being able to kill her, his nemesis, because she was his Mistress for having turned him into a vampire.

Ichiru commented she seemed more cheerful and enjoyed using Maria Kurenai's body, as she acted more carefree.

She did honestly care for Ichiru, despite his firm belief she did not. Her last words, after having her heart ripped out by Kaname, was words of comfort to him.


As all purebloods, Hiô was strikingly beautiful. She had very long, silver hair and an unusual pink colour to her eyes, the colour of the cherry blossoms that always seemed to surround her. She wore a white kimono and walked barefoot.


She was confronted by Kaname, who after hearing her saying "if I live that girl (Yûki) has to die" drank her blood and ripped her heart out, telling her her death would not be in vain.

She was slightly alive when found by Ichiru. She seemed amazed by the fact she was still breathing, surprised by the powers of a pureblood.

She comforted Ichiru crying by her side, letting him drink the remains of her blood, saying she would remain with him. Then she turned into crystals and shattered into dust.