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Hfuhruhurr is a DC comics super-villain, an alien cult leader and primarily an enemy of Superman.


Little is known about Hfuhruhurr other than he is a leader of an extraterrestrial telepathic cult he calls The Union, consisting of multiple brains linked together in a vast telepathic gestalt. The circumstances that prompted him to create the Union are unknown, but he appears to be convinced that he is doing those in the Union a favour, describing himself once as bringing 'the Word' to the 'unenlightened', arguing that belonging to the Union grants eternal life and great knowledge to its members.


  • Psionics: Hfuhruhurr has various psionic abilities including telepathy, telekinesis, the manipulation of his psionic energy into waves of concussive force.
  • Genius: Hfuhruhurr has a superhuman intellect in the expertise of genetics, biochemistry, and technology.


  • he is based on severeal New Age gurus who often engaged in similar brainwashing techniques, albeit with added superhuman abilities for use in superhero fiction.

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