Heyward Sullivan who was Caroline Sullivan's father, is a minor antagonist in Candyman shown in a flashback, he was the one responsible for the murder of the slave who would become Candyman at the hands of a lynch mob - who brutally tortured him for the "crime" of having sex with a Cacuasian woman (more accurately Caroline, his daughter - whom he had entrusted the slave to paint a portrait of, unaware the two were actually in love), who subsequently became pregnant.

The Plantation Owner and his gang chopped off the slave's arm and smeared his beaten body with honey, watching as bees stung him to death - as a final act of cruelty they chanted "Candyman" repeatedly: however in his dying moments the slave looked into a small mirror belonging to Caroline, who rushed to his side despite the taunting crowd - trying to reassure her dying lover she would always love him: instead he transfered a part of his soul into the mirror, living on as the vengeful demon knwon as Candyman.

Given the time period the Plantation Owner lived in he was likely never punished for his crimes, though he had been long dead by the beginning of the Candyman movie.