Hexuba is an ambitious and evil Egyptian-themed intergalactic sorceress who is in league with the wicked Captain Mutiny and a villainess in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. She takes residence in her floating mansion within the Lost Galaxy alongside Captain Mutiny's castle on the back of the Titanisaur.

She hid in an abandoned shop in the space colony Terra Venture and began her infiltration since after it arrived in the fabled Lost Galaxy. She was responsible for resurrecting several enemies that the Galaxy Power Rangers had already defeated, including Treacheron.

After the Rangers defeated the revived monsters, she merged together with the spirits of the monsters that bore her golden eye emblem and challenged the Rangers herself, but was destroyed by the Galaxy Megazord with the help of the Defender Torozord, Stratoforce Megazord, and Centaurus Megazord.



  • In Gingaman, Her name is Spectral Empress Iliess, She is Kegler's niece, Impostera and Maronda's Mother, and Rykon's sister.
  • Hexuba's "powered up" form includes Hardtochoke's head on her left shoulder, the head of a blue and red Asura monster (unused in this series) on her right shoulder, the faces of Icy Angel, Crumummy, and Skelekron on her left arm, Freaky Tiki and Maronda's faces on her right arm, and Rykon's face within her stomach (only Rykon lacked a jewel in its mouth).
  • Hexuba speaks in a Russian accent, similar to Jara from Big Bad Beetleborgs. This is due to the fact that the same actress Rajia Baroudi, who previously as Delphine from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, voices both Jara and Hexuba.