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Hex Lord Malacrass is the senior advisor of Zul'jin and a witch doctor in Warcraft.


Malacrass once studied under Zandalari troll priests and learned how to summon the animal gods. He learned that elves channeled the powers of light from a Naaru and shared the info with Zul'jin. Malacrass decides to seal the Animal gods to the Armani tribe's strongest trolls. Zul'jin decides to use it against his enemies. They captured some characters and plan to use them as sacrifices. Malacrass worked and emboded the essence into the lynx, dragonhawk,an eagle and bear into the trolls.

Malacrass began making the sacrifices but was confronted by the adventurers. They fear that he has a fifth essence inside. The adventurers defeated Malacrass and his men.

Return and Cataclysm

After Zul'jin's death, Malacrass led the trolls and the Amani tribe was weakened. Malacrass tries to make them strong again and appointed a new leader. Malacrass serves as the advisor for the new leader and tries to make him not make the same mistakes his predecessor made.

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