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Hex (Ben 10)

Hex in the Original Ben 10 Series

Hex is one of recurring antagonist in the original Ben 10 series. But unlike most villains in the original series, while Hex is an enemy towards Ben Tennyson, Hex is more of an enemy towards Lucky Girl, AKA Gwen Tennyson. He's Charmcaster's uncle.


Ben 10

He is depicted as a thin white skinned man with tattoos over his body and face, which has a skull-like feature due to the black tattoos over his eyes and cheeks. He also wears a cape and a hood and carries a snake-headed staff with him all the time, presumably the source of his magical powers.

Ben 10 Alien Force & Ultimate Alien

In the Alien Force, and Ultimate Alien series, Hex's design has been altered. Hex now wears a different outfit. The outfit is more reddish instead of the previous red and black one, with a whiter face, looking even more like a skull.

Ben 10

Although he's battled Ben several times, he is not his primary nemesis, that one being Gwen. He makes his debut in the episode "Lucky Girl", where he tries to recover the five Charms of Bezel and acquire the "Archamada book of spells", these items combined grand the wielder unimaginable power, though he fails, thanks to the Tennyson's interference, most notably, Gwen's. Hex returns in Tough Luck; his niece Charmcaster breaks him out of prison. Together, they search for the Keystone of Bezel, which he plans to use to recreate the other five Charms and multiply his power tenfold. Again, Gwen gets the Keystone and is soon attacked by the pair. Hex fails again due to both the Tennysons interference and Charmcaster betraying him so she can take the Charms for herself (though she fails as well).

Ben 10 Alien Force

Hex (Ben 10 Alien Force & Ultimate Alien)

Hex in Ben 10: Alien Force, and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Hex makes his return during the third season. In the episode Time Heals, Gwen infiltrates his house to steal the Grimoire of Archamada, and, despite Paradox's warning, uses it to time travel to the past and stop Ben and Kevin from hacking the Omnitrix and preventing Kevin's mutation. Though she succeeds, her action causes Hex to take over the world. Thanks to his magic, the Master magician knows that Gwen is responsible for the creation of this future, and tries to prevent her from turning the future back to normal. However, after a short fight against Charmcaster and a possessed Kevin, Gwen finds the prison and frees Ben who helps her get back the Grimoire of Archamada and gain enough time to go back in the past and prevent herself from changing the future.

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Hex makes his debut on Ben 10: Ultimate Alien in the episode The Enemy of My Frenemy, where he captures Gwen in a force bubble who was stealing another book and has her at his mercy. Gwen explains that she wants to help Charmcaster who is in Ledgerdomain, and concerned about Charmcaster, he lets her out. Gwen wants him to work with her to help Charmcaster because the last time she saw her was that she was fighting against Adwaita. Hex says that while he loves his niece, he is not about to go on a "suicide mission" and go back to help her. Hex lets Gwen take the spell book and whatever she needs if she leaves him in peace.

Powers and Abilities

Magic:Hex is a vastly skilled magician that can manipulate the forces of magic for many feats.

  • Divine, Dark & Pure Magic:Being a sorcerer, Hex is skillful at a variety of kinds of magic, mainly black magic, dark magic and mysticism.
  • Spell Casting:Hex is a competent spellcaster.
  • Illusions:He is also a competent illusionist.
  • Potion Creation:Hex is also a competent potion maker.
  • Levitation:Hex can lift himself using magic.
  • Energy Manipulation:Hex can manipulate energy for blasts and shields.
  • Telekinesis:Hex can manipulate objects and matter with the use of magic.
  • Clairvoyance:Hex can use magic to gain information about a object, person, location or physical event.
  • Elemental Control:Hex can use magic to control the elements, such as fire, water, earth, etc.
  • Animation:Hex can bring inanimate objects to life.
  • Teleportation:Hex can teleport to another location by using magic.
  • Summoning:Hex can use magic to summon Charmcaster's stone creatures.

Staff Proficiency:Hex usually channels his powers through his staff, which can only be used by a "master magician".

Old Prime:Hex is a master magician who still at his prime.

Enhanced Agility:Despite his age and the addition to his magical abilities, Hex is also very agile.

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