Hetocumtek Totem form


Hetocumtek eye orange glowing


Hetocumtek real form

Hetocumtek appear to be a normal totem in a museum in a episode of Sarah Jane Adventure. The gang have became suspicious when fish fall from sky like the rain. In the museum when Clyde Sarah Jane sky and Rani came they see Hetocumtek but when Clyde make a fool of himself and  get a splinter he was not know he has waking up the evil god. In the legend this god was so evil he wanted to make all humans his slave forever. But a chaman finally imprisoned Hetocumtek in the totem for good. He was now awake again and put his curse on Clyde and make everyone he love hate him. When sarah Jane in the evil power was return to the museum after banished Clyde she finally found an alien energy in the totem. He became stronger after clyde got away from his town. Sarah Jane know if Clyde is not return for destroy him Hetocumtek will be free for ever. when Clyde finally return with the gang he confronted the evil god. He said his name three times and Hetocumtek was desintegranted and defeated once again.