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Heston is Sir Edgar's talking pet snake and the secondary antagonist of the 2004 film Ella Enchanted.

He is voiced by Steve Coogan.


As Sir Edgar's pet, Heston is shown to be very intelligent for a talking snake and possibly a bit smater that his master. He also follows his master's orders without question, and is shown to have great stealth to get near other people. He nearly even went so far as to using his own venom to kill Prince Charmont.

Role in the film

In the movie, Heston tell his master about Ella and her obedience toward her father, who was Sir Edgar's brother of whom he killed. He also mentions that Ella indends to marry Char, but Edgar, refusing to have such a proposal happen, plots to kill Char and orders Heston to assist him, which he does. At one point, Heston attempted to use his own poison to kill Char, but this failed. He is last seen being attacked by other women after he is unexpectedly spotted by them.


  • Venom: He was going to use his venom on the Prince in the end.
  • Stealth: He is shown to have great stealth to get near people.
  • Intelligence: He is shown to be bit smarter then his master.



  • Heston's appearance and personality is a remniscence of Kaa in the Disney films.