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Hersent is the wife of Isengrim, and a secondary antagonist of a 2005 animated movie Renny The Fox.


Hersent married Isengrim at unknown time, and later she constantly abused him, like hitting him with a rolling pin after he disappointed her or made her angry. During the action of the movie she trapped Renart, the main protagonist and tried to kiss him, but he tricked her into trapping herself inside a giant cake. Later she escaped (presumably by eating herself out of the cake) and went to see Isengrim in prison, and beat him with a rolling pin again. After that she presumably broke down with him and decided to look for a better husband.


Physically, Hersent was a rather overweight wolf girl, presumably in her mid 30's or early 40's. She posessed big, shaking breasts, large pink dress, two earrings in each ear, and pink hair. Her lower jaw has a huge flab of fat under it. She also posesses very small, chubby hands and impressive physical strength - she can pull a fully grown man towards her with little to no problem, and is also very fast. Her character is very dominant, she wants her husband to serve her and she constantly wants to get rich.


  • In the original medieval tale this movie is based on, Hersent is actually raped by Renart after she is stuck inside a hole, this was remade into a more child-friendly scenario with her hitting on Renart, but the sexuality of this event is still hinted in the specific manner she speaks with during the scene.