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Herodotus is one of the main antagonists of Rogue Legacy and the Boss monster required to beat the Darkness, a non-optional area required in order to gain access to the final boss (and true antagonist). Herodotus is a massive light blue slime that resides in a large open room with multiple platforms and spiketraps along the majority of the floor. The boss will chase and jump at the hero, splitting after taking critical damage;  and only dying when all parts are killed. There are a number of crates that litter the room. Every time he dies he will split into two smaller slimes (32 in total to kill), and all will spawn an Earthsor on every death of his body (apart from the smallest). He will constantly bounce around the screen, and can travel surprisingly far. The Earthsor will summon large rocks from yellow marks on the ground as additional hazards.

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