You're never too young to die.
~ Herod Sayle to Alex Rider
Lots of kids get bullied and they don't turn into nutcases. You're really sad, Mr Sayle.
~ Alex Rider taunts Sayle while being interrogated.
Herod Sayle is the main antagonist in the Alex Rider novel Stormbreaker and the 2006 film of the same name (in which he is named Darrius Sayle).

He is portrayed by Mickey Rourke, who also portrays Whiplash.



Sayle was born in Lebanon (Egypt in the American publication) as one of thirteen children (nine boys and four girls). His father was a failed hairdresser and his mother took in washing. One day, he saved two rich British tourists by pushing them off the street out of the way of a grand piano which fell out an upper floor window. Upon learning of his situation, they adopted him and sent him to a private school in England. There, he was frequently bullied by his fellow students for his accent and skin colour, paticularly one who would become the UK's future Prime Minister. Over time, he grew up to hate the school children of Britain. In the film, Sayle's forename is Darrius, his nationality was changed to American, and his parents became rich after winning the Lottery.

Since his schooling, he has built a large and successful empire, becoming a multi-millionaire. In the film, he is mentioned to be a multi-billionaire, giving him a similarity to real-life wealthy genius Bill Gates.

Crminal life

Sayle also invented a technique that allows computer components to be developed in non-sterile environments, slashing the price of production. Using this technique, he develops a product called Stormbreaker and is donating a Stormbreaker to each school in Britain in exchange for a British citizenship. However, MI6 is suspicious about his intentions, sending out agent Ian Rider to investigate. After several weeks, Ian Rider sends out an urgent notice, reporting that he found something important and needs to contact MI6. However, as he drives back home, Yassen Gregorovich assassinates him. MI6 is even more troubled at Ian Rider's urgent message and his subsequent murder, and desperately needs to know what Ian Rider knew. The police claimed that Ian died in a car crash and this was the official version but they were ordered to lie by MI6 because then they wouldn't get the assassination and Sayle's evil public.

Ian Rider's nephew, Alex Rider, must step up to the plate, and Alan Blunt blackmails Alex into investigating. A month before, Sayle held a contest; the winner would get to stay at Sayle's house and get a tour of the Stormbreaker factory. MI6 sends Felix Lester, the winner of the competition, on holiday in Scotland instead of Cornwall, and sends Alex Rider in under Felix's identity.

Alex investigates the plant and its operations and soon discovers what his uncle had found. Sayle has put a genetically modified strain of smallpox into all the Stormbreaker computers (it is later revealed that this virus was supplied to him by the criminal organization SCORPIA in the book Snakehead). The smallpox will be released during the grand opening ceremony, killing all of the United Kingdom's school children. Sayle then leaves his butler, Mr. Grin, to kill Alex and flies to London to attend the ceremony. Nadia Vole traps Alex in a tank with Sayle's pet, a Portuguese man o' war jellyfish. Alex is left inside the jellyfish tank but he manages to avoid the jellyfish and dives to the bottom of the tank, where he uses a specialized zit cream to melt the supports of the tank causing it to break. Alex escapes while the jellyfish pours out of the tank and lands on Vole, fatally stinging her.

Alex escapes and reaches one of Sayle's airplanes. Mr. Grin flies Alex to London to the ceremony location (because Alex has a gun on him). Alex flies in using a parachute and fires blindly, destroying the switch seconds before the Prime Minister is about to flip it. Sayle tries to activate the computer, but is hit by two bullets, one in his left arm and the other in his shoulder; yet he he manages to escape. After Alex has a debriefing with Mrs. Jones and Alan Blunt, Alex takes a cab to discover that the driver is in fact Sayle. The villain then takes Alex to a tower of his and he shows him a helicopter about to land that will take him into hiding. Just as Sayle is about to shoot Alex, Yassen Gregorovich climbs out of the helicopter and shoots Sayle twice in the chest killing him. Yassen had to kill Sayle because by failing with his plan, Sayle had become an embarrasment to Yassen's employers. In fact, the Alex Rider novel Russian Roulette reveals that Yassen was in fact ordered to kill Alex Rider but he decided to spare him.

In the film, the climax is different. After Alex prevents the prime minister from activating the virus housed in the Stormbreaker computers, an enraged Sayle punches the prime minister before fleeing. The authorities fail to catch him but Alex soon discovers that he intends to activate the Stormbreakers himself using a manual override. Alex and his friend Sabina Pleasure (who does not appear in the Stormbreaker novel) pursue Sayle on horseback to avoid the heavy London traffic, eventually reaching Sayle's tower. Alex climbs to the roof and severs the power cable to stop Sayle from completing his plan. Sayle catches up to Alex and knocks both him and Sabina off the roof, though they survive by clinging onto the severed cable and are left dangling precariously underneath. Just as Sayle is about to finish them off, Yassen arrives in a helicopter and shoots Sayle twice in the chest, causing him to topple from the edge of the tower to his death.


  • He was named after the Biblical antagonist Herod Antipas because both resolved to commit mass child massacres.
  • His name is also a reference to the Harrod's chain of shops in England.
  • He is very similar to Julia Rothman in that both endeavoured to kill all the kids in England.
    • Both also attempt to kill Alex Rider despite seemingly taking a like to him.



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