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Herod Archelaus was the son of Herod the Great (the monarch who, according to the New Testament, ordered the Massacre of the Innocents in order to do away with the infant Jesus, which caused his family to hide in Egypt). Upon Herod's death, Archelaus was next in succesion. However, the Romans didn't trust him and refused to name him king of Judea, instead offering him the lesser position of Ethnarch. According to the Gospel of Matthew, the Holy Family feared Archelaus, and upon their return from Egypt, moved their residence from Bethlehem in Judea to Nazareth in Galilee. Archelaus spent most of his ten year reign in Rome, trying to secure his position. However, repeated revolts occured during his absence, causing the Romans to depose Archelaus and exile him to Gaul. Two thirds of his kingdom were given to his brothers Herod Antipas and Herod Philip, while the remaining third was directly governed by the Romans as a province.

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