Herobrine's Mother is a reoccurring character and antagonist in ExplodingTNT's videos. She is not in any way related to the Creepypasta and is not connected to the myth of Herobrine being Notch's brother, as they are not siblings in ExplodingTNT's videos.

Villainous Acts

  • In "If Herobrine had a Girlfriend", she beats a girl with a fishing pole and chases her away.
  • In "If Herobrine had a Wedding", she humiliates and murders Herobrine's bride-to-be.
  • In "If Herobrine had a Nightmare", she beats and verbally abuses him, causing the nightmare to have a part about her killing her boyfriend and marrying Notch.
  • In "If Herobrine became a Father", she kills Herobrine's baby out of jealousy.
  • In "If Herobrine took a Shower", Herobrine talks about his mother verbally and physically abusing him.
  • In "If Herobrine met his Dad", Herobrine's mother verbally abuses Herobrine's biological father by calling him ugly (although he looks like Herobrine but with a mustache). After Herobrine and his father spend some time together, Herobrine's mother makes Herobrine some cookies that he and his father begin eating. She then kills the father with fireballs because the cookies were not for him. This also causes trauma for Herobrine.
  • In "If Herobrine Celebrated Christmas", Herobrine has his long requested dream of getting a present for Christmas fulfilled with a gift from Santa containing a note telling him to come the next day for the greatest gift ever, someone to love. Herobrine comes blindfolded and takes it off to find only squids. The whole thing was a cruel prank concocted by Santa and his mother, who laugh maniacally at him. When Herobrine slips on ice and breaks his back, the two keep laughing and verbally abusing him.
  • In "If Herobrine got a Job", Herobrine talks about verbal abuse from his mother.
  • In "If Minecraft was STUPID", there is a segment where Herobrine is made of poop. ExplodingTNT runs away, telling everyone how badly he smells. Herobrine responds with, "Mother was right, I am a piece of s***", indicating yet more verbal abuse.
  • In "If Herobrine went to the Movies", Herobrine talks about how his mother is too embarrassed to go anywhere with him. She also calls him in the middle of the movie to tell him to explain everything so she doesn't have to buy a ticket. In one segment where Herobrine dies from spoiling a movie, his mother visits his grave and cheers that "He's finally dead!". Herobrine also mentions his mother forcing him to trim her armpit hairs. He also gets mad when a man insults his "weewee", as he says only his mother can do that.
  • In "Herobrine vs Freddy Fazbear", Herobrine's mother verbally abuses him and also threatens to disown him if he doesn't get her a pizza from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. She later verbally abuses him when he takes too long. She also tells him she will laugh at any issues he has and reminds him of physical abuse. After Herobrine gets the pizza, she tells him she doesn't want it as another, cheaper pizza place opened next door to their house.
  • In "If Stone was Removed-Minecraft", Herobrine says his mother called him fat and drove him to suicide.



Herobrine's mother looks exactly like her son Herobrine. She has long brown hair and tanned skin. She wears blue and purple clothing and shares her son's white eyes.


Herobrine's mother starts off kind and loving towards her son if not a little overprotective. But as the series progressed, she became horribly cruel and abusive, becoming the only person Herobrine fears. She is obsessed with her appearance and thinks she is the most beautiful woman ever. She also hates any and all other women or girls in Herobrine's life. She never gets punished for her crimes and continues to abuse her son and all of Minecraft.






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