Hero Brown is one of the main antagonists of 2002 comic book series Y:The Last Man.She is the sister of the main protagonist Yorick Brown.After the apocalypse that killed all men except Yorick and his monkey,she joined The Daughters of Amazon,the cult that believed that all men were evil and that they died by the hand of God.She learned that her brother is the last man on Earth,and turned against him in pursuit to kill him.Hero and a pack of Amazons went after Yorick in the town of Marrisville.Sonia,a friend of Yorick from Marrisville,threw the axe on the Amazon leader Victoria,killing her.Enraged,Hero kills her with bow and arrow.Yorick points the gun at Hero,but hesitates about killing her.She tells him their father always loved him better and that her cause is right.Yorick removes his gun,and tells her she i s wrong and that their father always loved her better.Hero was locked up in Marrisville prison,where she escaped from using an escape artist trick her brother taught her.She has been rehabilitated since.