Hernán Saldaña

Hernán Saldãna

Hernán Saldãna is the main villain in the the Mexican telenovela "La Tempestad" (in international translation as "The Tempest", but dubbed as "The Storm" by Univision) which is loosely based on the 2005 Colombian telenovela "La Tormenta" ("The Storm" in Spanish).

He was portrayed by Iván Sánchez.

He was acting nice towards Marina and everyone close to her , hates Damián for falling in love with Marina because he's obsessed with Marina . Hernán was in bullied in school Marina defended him . Likes a girl named Ursula, has Sexy parties in his backyard while trying to win Marina over . sentenced to spend 110 years in a psychiatric hospital, Responsible for the deaths of Ursula, Fulgencio, and two of his henchmen who failed to kill Damian upon his orders. Burned to death inside a cabin while playing the violin.